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Images from the SuperShoots Miami event, a boat trip to the Keys, a new model & more!

BTS -- Behind the Scenes
BTS -- Behind the Scenes  |  Total images: 24
A look at what went on behind the scenes at SuperShoots Miami, 2011.
Critters  |  Total images: 11
Beau, Chanel & Coco entertained during the visit.
Event Models
Event Models  |  Total images: 50
The marvelous models who graced the event. Makeup artistry by Lauren Coleman (lead) and Tina Oxley.
Extra Model -- Karina
Extra Model -- Karina  |  Total images: 25
Thanks to SuperShoots' friend, Fred Prose, I was able to work with this charming aspiring model. She had thought Fred was still in Miami (he'd already returned home to Phoenix) and he thought, "hmmm, Dave's still there!" I truly appreciate it sir, she was delightful!
Keys Trip & Lauren
Keys Trip & Lauren  |  Total images: 38
A yacht, open waters, The Keys, Capt. Chris, and Lauren posing before my lens -- life is grand!
Mansion Exteriors & Lamborgini
Mansion Exteriors & Lamborgini  |  Total images: 49
The grounds of Chris & Lauren's home. Thanks guys!
Mansion Interiors
Mansion Interiors  |  Total images: 35
A casual look inside the mansion.
Scenics  |  Total images: 21
Sights seen during my visit.