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Adrianne  |  Total images: 10
We came up a model or two short on the second day, so Lauren invited a friend in -- the adorable Adrianne (much to ALL our delight)!
Angela  |  Total images: 3
A friend of Josh's, Angela brought her A-game to the event.
Behind the Scenes
Behind the Scenes  |  Total images: 19
The "ever-popular" glimpse behind the curtain during the event.
Lauren  |  Total images: 20
Exceptional MUA, delight in front of the lens, and all-around sweet person ... Lauren! Even if she *does* taunt me on my smoking and copy what I order for dinner! LOL
Mandy  |  Total images: 2
I literally snapped two frame of Mandy figuring I'd work with her more on day two, but it wasn't meant to be.
Nicole  |  Total images: 20
The day before the event, dK and I had the pleasure of shooting with the delightful Nicole Gray. Note there's some nudity here so if that irks ya don't look in. ;-)
Nonna  |  Total images: 11
The statuesque and stunning Nonna.
Scenics  |  Total images: 53
Things that caught my eye before and after the event.
Shuttle Launch
Shuttle Launch  |  Total images: 16
A sidetrip to see a launch with Alan, dK and JT. All systems were go on this bucket list sighting.
Tiffney  |  Total images: 8
I only had the opportunity to work with the charming Tiffney briefly this trip ... but OH what a joy!